User-centric SEO Strategies for Healthcare & Wellness Brands

To grow traffic online in search engines. Answer your customers questions better than your competition. 

Make your content on your website so good, detailed and broad in your niche that users will come direct to you for answers.
Where most companies go wrong with search. Is that they focus on the end goal, the commercial intent keywords, the keywords you would first add to a pay per click campaign to bid on. Most companies believe an SEO has magic tricks to change some code to help them rank top of Google. This is false and gets even more false each time Google refines its search results to improve them.

The problem for these companies using these low cost tactics, is the focus on these keywords and focusing on technical audits only ends up in disappointment. Unless you are in a niche with no competition, these SEO tactics which are sold will always fail, a complete waste of money.

There broad keywords are always the most competitive in your niche, those who rank well for these, are not just ranking well because their website is better optimized, it is often because their website has a wealth of content, answering users questions and gaining visibility for lots and lots of research based questions, which gives topical authority to these websites, which helps them rank for commercial intent broad keywords.

Google and other search engines mission is not to sell your products or services. This is what Google Ads is for, direct selling based on a commercial intent keyword.

Google Organic search is designed to provide users the best search results for a specific question. Google's mission is...
No mention here of selling your products or services. Most searches are users asking questions, so if you have 100s of pages of great content, which is really well laid out and each one answers a specific question in your niche. Each one of these URLs will drive traffic to your website.

Great content is not cheap but the benefits for your brand visibility are potentially huge when done correctly with your customer at the forefront of everything. 

We can help businesses with their website, to ensure it is optimized for the right keywords, is fast, user friendly and the content resonates with your target audience.

We can help businesses scale up their content writing, adding 10, 20 or more new content pieces to your website each month, each one answering specific questions in your niche.

We can help you repurpose all of this long form detailed content for multiple mediums to reach even more customers on social media platforms or podcasts to push out excellent content which helps users answer their questions while presenting your brand and your brand values to each person who reads, watches or listens to your content.

How can Digital Barketing be of service?

We are a remote Digital Marketing consultancy and we can help with the whole online digital marketing process for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Digital Barketing can help with the whole process or we can assist with any element within your digital marketing setup where we can bring unrivalled expertise around Search Engine traffic.
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Web/Search Consultancy

We can provide a full service search consultancy to help with short and long term goals related to search marketing, educate your employees within your digital marketing infrastructure and advise on areas of improvement to grow visibility in search engines.
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SEO Services for Businesses

We can plan long term SEO strategies or help with one-off SEO projects such as keyword research, technical audits, conversion rate optimisation analysis, solve confusing losses of traffic and more.
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Technical SEO

We can improve business websites to perform better in search engines. We do it all from a customer point of view along with a search engine focus to ensure Google and your customers love your website. 

Content Scaling For SEO

We manage tens of thousands of words of content for the clients we work with. Hub, spoke and content layout to ensure your website becomes a key destination within your niche with interesting and unique content.

Healthcare and Wellness Sectors We Work With

Each sector has different target audiences and different opportunities within search engines.

Mental Health

Health Apps

Addiction Treatment

Medical Practices

Wellness Brands

Nutrition Brands

What We Do First

Identify Your Target Audience and create Customer Personas, including a full bio, preferred social media channels, search habits and more.

Custom Reporting Of Campaign

Clear and simple real-time reporting for all key metrics that matter to you


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