About Digital Barketing

Digital Marketing consultancy

Digital Barketing is a Digital Marketing consultancy, founded and run by George Pritchard.

A digital marketing veteran, I started my journey into Digital Marketing in the early 2000s after university, and since then, I have been a key player at a few well known digital marketing agencies in the UK and I have worked in almost all industries which are in the digital space and I have learned a lot, experimented a lot and refined what works and what does not work having progressed from web design through to search engine marketing over the last 20 years.

Alongside agency work, I  have also worked with many businesses in a freelance or consultancy capacity. I have seen the advantages and disadvantages of both the agency offering to businesses where agencies are stretched across lots and lots of businesses and the freelance only offering to businesses which often require lots of management. I saw that there was an opportunity in the middle of these two marketing options, providing a service of expertise and handling of outsourced requirements after crafting a custom digital marketing strategy and process.

My longest relationship is with a business I started working with back in 2012 and I was there in the first weeks of the business starting and my relationship is still going strong nearly 10 years later. I really value long term loyal relationships and being a key factor in a businesses growth.   

Following over a decade of agency experience, I felt there was a gap in the market to better serve small and medium businesses who were looking to grow their business online but were not experts within digital marketing and relied on several agencies or providers to carry out their instructions while trying to be the person who pieces everything together. I have seen the problems first hand and it can be an expensive experiment trying either of these options without experience in many forms of digital marketing, especially search marketing. 

All of my most successful experiences for businesses within agencies or as a freelancer has been where the relationship was seen as more of a partnership than a provider, their in-house marketing expert, their trusted expert to help give advice, research, plan and execute digital marketing strategies and using the best resources available within the freelance community or within the existing in-house resources to ensure a better ROI with no wasted budget. 

Over the years it seemed to me that this was a gap in the market and one which I felt best placed to move into. Many in-house marketers lack experience within SEO, whereas, often, organic search traffic is the number one potential traffic medium to successful businesses, yet due to the mystery and confusion of SEO and the plethora of SEO experts who have often harmed businesses organic search traffic, not because they do not know how SEO works but because they may not understand your niche or business or are being ordered to carry out tasks without expertise, this is often overlooked or ignored and most of the budget is ploughed into paid marketing such as Google Ads and Paid Social Media when SEO has not worked out, mainly through resource and budget spent on the least important tasks. 

A much better strategy would be to find an ideal partner, someone who has worked within SEO for over a decade and is a student of Google webmaster guidelines, a student of Google search results and algorithm updates, a student of social media marketing for different audiences and website best practices and a keen observer and hobbyist of brands and business lead generation and how SEO fits into the wider digital marketing activities.

Using a portion of your marketing budget for SEO growth purposes within your marketing mix is a great strategy alongside and integrated within other digital marketing and offline marketing activities. Over a longer period, SEO is an investment and it will provide a return far greater than any paid marketing efforts when it is done correctly, alongside other marketing channel strategies.                       

When you team up with me, you’ll be backed by 20 years of combined experience within digital marketing and website design. I also have great relationships with a variety of freelance talents, so I can help with every aspect, to the highest of standards and I will endeavour to work with you to create a plan which is within your desired budget and is aligned with your visualised goals.    


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