Conversion & Traffic Calculator

A good place to start with SEO planning is to understand where your website is right now and where you want to take it. It is useful to break things down from the top down to understand the work required to achieve your outcome goals.

Conversion Rate & Website Traffic Calculator

Your current websites real performance

You can view this information in Google Analytics provided you have set up goal tracking conversions effectively.
Head to Google Analytics > Select last calendar month > Select all or individual tracked goals

Desired website performance

How many converted customers do you hope to achieve?
Double? Triple? More? Take into account your current # of customers based on last months data above
This is the number of visits you require approximately to gain your desired number of new clients at the current conversion rate
This is the additional number of additional visits required
This is the percentage increase of traffic required to gain your desired number of customers per month

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An SEO strategy should be based on outcome goals or at the very least performance goals, traffic volume, rankings of groups of particular keywords, improve conversion rate from 1.5 to 3% etc.

The following diagram shows how processes and tasks are formed from working backward from your end goals, performance goals are set in a time frame which then determines the process and tasks required in order to hit the performance goals.
digital marketing goals diagram
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